The Collectoys sales

Collectoys - Buyer's side

To bid, you must be registered beforehand and “authenticated” (having given your credit card information) on the website.

Registration is simple, free and secure.

Buyers will pay an additional 25.2%, tax included, on the amount of the hammer price.

To enjoy all the advantages, discover the VIP club !


  • Paper Catalogue (VEP / VLA ) 

Generally available 15 days before the sale, a deluxe catalogue is published with 800 – 1500 colour photos of all proposed lots.

Each of these photos, complete with a detailed description of the model, allows you to prepare your selections after a thorough examination of the catalogue.

The responsibility of this epic task rests with our technical team, composed of experts and specialists, a veritable walking encyclopedia of antique toys.

The catalogues of past sales, with their corresponding sales results, also offer the opportunity to better assess market trends.

You may order catalogues by phone 02 48 23 24 10, by mail, by fax 02 48 70 49 17 or directly on the website.

  • Online catalogue (VEP / VLA / VOL ) 

The catalogue is available on the website 10 days prior each sale (or at the start of the sale for the VOL).

For each lot there is a detailed description, the condition of the model and box according to precise grading, as well as a range of estimates and an HD colour photo.

  • Presentation of the lots

For the VEP, the lots are exhibited the day of the sale according to the defined schedule.

For the VLA / VOL the lots are viewable by appointment only.



  • Live auctions online with the  Bidding Machine © (VEP/VLA)

The COLLECTOYS IT department has developed and exclusive live internet auction system called the Bidding Machine ©.
With this method, available 15 minutes  before the sale, you can participate in COLLECTOYS auctions in real time, as if you were in the room.

The lots will scroll one after another on your screen after each auction is won.

  • Online auctions (VOL)

To participate, simply go to the menu “Online Sale.”

For the full duration of the sale (8 – 15 days), you have the opportunity to bid and counterbid on the lots which interest you until the closing date and hour of the sale.

You will be automatically notified by email in the case of your maximum bid being exceeded.

Note : The bidder who places a much higher bid than the current bid will see their bid rise successively after each new bid offered by potential buyers, until reaching the limit of the initially fixed amount.

  • Purchase orders by  « paper » or « internet »  (VEP/VLA)

This service is completely free. Simply complete the purchase order, stating the numbers of the lots you have selected, their summary designation, and the maximum amount of your bids (with or without the possibility of passing the limit).

It is mandatory to attach either 1 signed cheque payable to COLLECTOYS, or to transmit the details of your VISA or MASTERCARD, and to send the completed forms to the Collectoys address.

During the sale, knowing your limits not to be exceeded, we will bid on your behalf.

If you want to make electronic orders, it is essential to make you selections via

You will have a real worksheet associated with the online catalogue allowing you to bid.

In the case of identical bids, it is the date and time of receipt of the oldest purchase order that will be adopted.

ATTENTION: Carefully observe the closing dates for purchase order submissions before the sale. (Written bids, 2 hours before the sale)

  • Telephone reservations « paper » or « internet » (VEP)

This service is completely free. Simply complete the purchase order, stating the numbers of the lots you have selected without filling in the column « limit in € ».


It is mandatory to attach either 1 signed cheque payable to COLLECTOYS, or to transmit the details of your VISA or MASTERCARD, and to send the completed forms to the Collectoys address.

An operator will be made available to you. They will be tasked with calling you at the phone number indicated on the form. They will follow your clear and precise directions (according to article N° 3 of our conditions of sale) until the confirmed sale of the lot.

The bids will be increased according to the effective pace of bidding until you request to stop.

You may also reserve a telephone line electronically. It is essential to make your selections via

ATTENTION: Carefully observe the closing dates for telephone line reservations before the sale.  (Telephone bids, 24 hours before the sale).



You may consult the sales results as early as the day after a sale, and download them for free in PDF format on the website.



Upon receiving an email confirming the lots won, the buyer must validate their method of payment directly on their profile.

  • By credit card directly on the website, or debit by agreement.
  • By cheque payable to COLLECTOYS, at the address 15 rue hôtel Lallemant – 18000 BOURGES
  • By bank transfer : IBAN : FR76 3000 4002 2000 0100 5611 565 – BIC : BNPAFRPPTOU
  • By cash or by  money order (the decree of 24 june 2015 prohibits cash payments of more than 1000€  by persons normally residing in France.
    This prohibition is applicable as of  1 September 2015).



Collectoys offers you 3 possibilities :

  • Collect your lots on site, being sure to provide 24 hours advance notice to facilitate the processing of your order. The lots are available for a maximum duration of 1 month after the date of sale (3 months for VIP members, after which time storage fees will be charged according to Article 7 of our General Terms of Sale).
  • Ship your lots and take advantage of our best pricing conditions (See Article 6 of our General Terms of Sale). Collectoys is responsible for monitoring the quality and care taken in preparing the packages. A private insurance covers the items in their net worth against theft or damage.
  • Consolidate a maximum of 3  purchases to minimize shipping fees (5 purchases for VIP members).


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