What is a “username” and what is its use?

It serves to identify you formaly on the Collectoys website without disclosing all or part of your identity.

Can I change my “username”? In which case?

For security reasons, you cannot directly change your 'username'. If you still want to change it, please send a request by email.

I’ve forgotten my “username”?

Send us a request by email and you will quickly receive, at the email address provided during registration, your username as well as your chosen password.

I’ve forgotten my password?

Send us a request by email and you will quickly receive, at the email address provided during registration, your username as well as your chosen password.

What if I do not receive the confirmation email?

You should receive within 24 hours of your registration an email confirming your COLLECTOYS Club membership. In the absence of a response on our part, you can contact us directly by email. We will respond as soon as possible.

Why does COLLECTOYS require my credit card number during my registration?

The communication of your credit card number and its expiration date is proof of your identity as a new COLECTOYS Club member. No financial transaction will be made with this card without your approval.



How can I be sure that my credit card number is completely secure?

Your credit card number is encrypted after its registration. At the moment of payment, it is the secure site of BNP PARIBAS which will make the financial transaction. This operation is made solely between YOU and the BANK. Thus, COLLECTOYS does not take any payment directly.

What if I want to modify my contact details?

Once connected, got to “The Club,” then to “Your Profile” and modify your address. A confirmation email will be sent soon after.



If I have items or a collection to sell, what should I do?

If you wish to sell all or part of your collection, send us an email to,  or phone +33 (0)2 48 23 24 10, or send a fax to +33 (0)2 48 70 49 17. Once you have an idea of the estimate, it is preferable to prepare a list or photos, with a summary of the items, their colour, condition, and presence (if applicable) of the original box.

What are the COLLECTOYS seller fees?

The calculation of sellers’ fees depends on many factors. It is advisable to contact us beforehand.

Can I set a reserve price?

COLLECTOYS automatically sets a reserve price on each lot presented. If there is no taker at this price, the lot is withdrawn without fees.

What if I want to withdraw an item I have entrusted to COLLECTOYS?

As long as the items you have entrusted to us are not registered or photographed, you still have the option of coming to withdraw your items from the COLLECTOYS headquarters. After the registration date, a commission is due on the part of the seller if the lots are withdrawn. The details of this charge are specified in the General Terms of Sale.

After the sale, how long will I wait to be paid?

Many payments from abroad require several weeks to be processed. Consequently, sellers will receive their payment within 4 – 8 weeks following the sale of their lots.

Will my payment be guaranteed?

Since the lots are shipped only after payment by the purchaser, the seller is certain to be paid by COLLECTOYS. If it happens that a buyer does not pay for their lots, the latter will be relisted for sale or returned to the seller, according to their preference.



I know exactly the model or item I’m looking for. How can I find it without wasting time?

You have the option of making targeted searches by clicking the “search” button in the main menu. This option allows you to search for a model based on its brand, theme, and with the aid of keywords. You can expand your search to  include the next sale, online sales, or all sales, including those in progress.


Unlike other websites offering antique toy auctions, but acting purely as intermediaries, COLLECTOYS is in possession of all lots presented on its website. The skill and competence of our experts guarantee a truly faithful description of your items and a guarantee of authenticity which will eliminate any unpleasant surprises at the time of delivery. Our expertise is also a source of security: over the last 3 years COLLECTOYS has offered over 40,000 antique toys for sale.

What if I want additional information on one or more lots?

Up to 24 hours before the start of each sale in Bourges, and before the closing of online auctions, you may at any time send us an email with precise questions regarding the items that interest you. One of our experts will respond as soon as possible.



Will my bids be anonymous?

Yes. Because of your username, only you, Collectoys, and those with which you have shared your username will be aware of your transactions.

Why am I unable to set a specific bid amount myself?

The bids being handled automatically by the software of our website, a pre-set pace of bidding is offered to you. The object of this method is to accelerate the exchange of transactions and provide you with immediate information on the results of you online bids.

Can I place a bid that is much higher than the previous bid?

Yes. The margin of safety that you will have entered will remain completely confidential. Our software will increase your bids each time a competitor registers a bid higher than your initial offer, until the ceiling of your bid is reached. If your maximum ceiling is exceeded, you will still have the option to register new bids.

Will I be required to pay the maximum amount of my bid if it is much higher than the final price awarded?

No. Imagine that your maximum ceiling is 100€ and that the highest competing bid is 50€ at the closing of the sale. You will win the lot for 55€.

What can I do if I change my mind after placing a bid?

For online sales, the confirmation of your offer implies a definitive commitment on your part up to the limit you have set. For sales in Bourges, your have two options: either a purchase order or a telephone reservation to participate directly in the sale. For purchase orders, you may modify your request up to 8 hours before the sale; for telephone reservations, 24 hours before the sale. After this limit, your requests will be final.

How do I know the total amount of my bids before the end of a sale?

Clicking on “Your Selection” will allow you at any time to consult the exact amount of your bids in progress. For the online sales, these amounts will be modified live according to your new bids and those of your competitors. For sales in Bourges, the details of your purchase orders will be displayed. You can thus manage your purchases based on your budget.

Are there fees to pay in addition to the hammer price?

Yes. In France the law stipulates sales fees at a rate of 22.8% tax included. You must add this amount to the hammer price to calculate the total amount that you will have to pay for each of your lots. Do not forget that the eventual shipping costs will be invoiced as well. Please see the “After the Sale” section for more information.

We remind you that you must be a member of the COLLECTOYS Club to participate in a COLLECTOYS online sale. To register, click on “The Club” and fill in the form in “Your Profile.” Your registration will be confirmed by email within 24 hours.

In addition, we recommend that you carefully read our General Terms of Sale.


We look forward to counting you among our future successful bidders!



How will I know if I am the winning bidder?

Online Auctions
At the closing of the sale, “Your Selection” will update itself, allowing you to see your results. Within 24 hours after the sales, you will receive an email confirming the results of your bids. If you are the winning bidder, you can immediately pay for your purchases on the website (“Your Winnings”, on the home page).

Auctions in Bourges
If you are the winner of a lot following a sale at the Hôtel Frank Hornby, you will be notified by email no later than 48 hours after the sale. Nevertheless, a little tip to get ahead of this email: all the lots which you have won will be marked with a small yellow “smiley” emoticon!

And if I’m not the winning bidder?

At the closing of the sale, “Your Selection” will update itself, allowing you to see your results. Within 24 hours after the sales, you will receive an email confirming the results of your bids.

May I choose my method of payment?

Yes. You can pay by VISA or MASTERCARD (secured by the BNP PARIBAS website), cheque, bank transfer or money order. Payment by credit card will accelerate the shipping of your lots.

How will my lots be shipped if I am the winner?

Based on the number of your purchases, you can choose between a shipment by post for the declared value, or by courier with insurance.

May I pick up my lots on site?

Of course. Please confirm with us by email in advance.