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COLLECTOYS is an auction house (SVV: Voluntary Sales Company) approved by the National Council of Voluntary Sales under the number 2002-174.

COLLECTOYS specializes in boys’ and girls’ antique toys and comics from 1850 – 1980 since 1998, a new department specializing in vintage toys is opened in 2019 under the name CAP'TAIN VINTAGE.

COLLECTOYS organizes and performs public auctions of items which the seller declares to be the unrestricted owner.
The company is responsible for the appraisal of entrusted items, the drafting of the catalogue and the preparation of the sale.

Depending on the schedule of upcoming sales and the particularities of items entrusted, COLLECTOYS will be able to present the items in the type of sale best suited.


We offer you a turnkey service from the moment of deposit of items to their final sale:

  • Appraisal of your lots by our experts specializing in the field.
  • Photography of your lots in high definition.
  • Inventory and production of a catalogue (paper and/or online).
  • Estimations faithful to market prices.
  • Advertising and publicity in specialty media (paper and internet).
  • Custom international shipping at current rates.
  • Handling, exhibition and storage.
  • Shipping to end customer.



Experience confirms that the effect of volume in combination with attractive, themed series often leads to auctions widely exceeding their high estimates. 
Thus, we prefer to sell a large homogenous collection, rather than “piecemeal” items or small quantities.

For each of our sales, we strive to coherently organize the entire catalogue favoring  harmonious series. The different models are thus regrouped by category, suggesting that they come from the same collection. For example, a seller who entrusts us with multiple items will see them interspersed within a prestigious collection.

Furthermore, if identical, yet uncommon, items present themselves during the preparation of the same sale, these models will be spread over several sales to obtain the best result possible.

Thanks to the attention to detail taken in the preparation of sales, the showcasing of each lot, and the global potential of our buyers, 95 – 98% of the lots are actually sold. The overall result of these collections of pieces in beautiful condition often surpasses our estimates, however realistic they may be.



  • Deposit in person, on site and by appointment.
  • Deposit by courier or post.
  • Deposit assumed by COLLECTOYS under previously established conditions.



  • On site and by appointment.
  • By photo and listing transmitted by email, post, or this option.
  • Personal visit by an expert, depending on the collection (following information provided beforehand).



The seller signs a sales requisition authorizing COLLECTOYS to sell their items on the behalf of said seller. As for reserve prices and unsold items, refer to our General Terms of Sale.

COLLECTOYS sends, by mail before each sale, a detailed inventory of the items which will be presented. The seller leaves to COLLECTOYS LLC the responsibility of composing the lots in the best common interests of the two parties.

COLLECTOYS collects fees and service charges on sales costs determined upon deposit of the items, between 16 and 20% before tax, plus applicable tax (VAT).

Depending on the type of items entrusted, a fee will be charged to cover data entry, processing of digital photos, eventual cleaning of items (to assure their best presentation), and the replacement or restoration of broken elements (subject to available stocks).

The cost of the above tasks is not proportional to the final sale price, but directly related to the nature of goods processed, and will be charged even if the lot is unsold:
-  3.50€ for each item (or element), plus applicable taxes (VAT) for the following models: 1/43rd  and small scale, public works, action figures, comic books, circuit cars, records, building toys, boxed figurines.
- 7€ for each piece, plus applicable taxes (VAT) for the following models: Battery Toys, mechanical toys, science toys, furniture and accessories for children, dolls, stuffed animals, Space Toys, robots, tin toys, trains, cycles, pedal cars, and large items.

It is therefore easy to see that this type of fee can significantly increase the percentage of seller fees for low-value items. Consequently, the price will be reduced to one piece for  lots of a certain quantity of items not requiring individual descriptions.



COLLECTOYS LLC declines all responsibility for the legal and fiscal consequences of a false declaration by the seller, the latter being solely responsible for the declaration and payment of of  VAT to the relevant tax authorities.


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