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  • Only auction house specilizing 100% in antique and vintage toys
  • Experience and detailed knowledge of the market since 1998
  • Appraisal of your lots on site with our specialized experts
  • Very accurate and reliable descriptions as to the condition of the objects
  • High defition photographs of your lots
  • Inventory and production of a high quality catalogue (paper and / or online)
  • Estimates true to market prices
  • Advertising and publicity in specialized media (print and internet)
  • Handling, exhibition and storage
  • Shipping to the end customer

All types of antique and semi-modern toys and comics can be offered. The diversity of our sales allows us to adapt your items depending on the demand and their nature. There is no small collection, quality sometimes prevails over quantity !

For each of our sales, we strive to coherently organize the entire catalog favoring harmonious series. If identical, yet uncommon, items present themselves during the preparation of the same sale, these models will be spread over several sales to obtain the best result possible. Thanks to the attention to detail taken in the preparation of sales, the showcasing of each lot, and the global potential of our buyers, 95-98% of the lots are actually sold. The overall result of collections of pieces in beautiful condition often exceeds our estimates, however realistic the may be.

Collectoys collects fees and service charges on sales costs determined upon delivery of the items, between 16-20% before tax, plus the current VAT. Technical costs are to be expected depending on the nature of the lot.
The seller signs a sales requisition authorizing Collectoys to sell their items on behalf of the seller. The proceeds of the sale, less costs and fees set out above, will be paid by cheque or bank transfer at the convenience of the seller, without the settlement exceeding sixty days after the sale. Advance payments or deposits will however be possible at the discretion of the auction house.
COLLECTOYS LLC declines all responsibility for the legal and fiscal consequences of a false declaration by the seller, the latter being solely responsible for the declaration and payment of VAT to the relevant tax authorities.